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I Need A Christmas Angel

Angels are celebrated most at Christmas because it was the angel Gabriel who brought the news of the birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph. Another angel proclaimed to the shepherd in the fields that Jesus was born and that they would find him lying in a manger. My favorite Christmas stories are those with angels, like The Preacher's Wife and It's A Wonderful Life. I religiously watched the television show Touched by an Angel because I love angels. Ironically, I found my way to the church founded and pastored by Rev. Della Reese Lett, one of the show's stars.

Recently, I was told that if you take a picture and see a green orb, an angel is present. My mother would point out moments when she believed an angel was present. The thought that angels are roaming the earth to protect, comfort, and guide us brings me joy.

The dictionary defines an angel as a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God. That definition defines us all. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and God expects every one of us to act as attendants, agents, and messengers. This doesn't negate my belief in celestial beings who roam the earth doing God's bidding. However, as children of God, I think it is vital that we stay ready to be the voice and hands of God. Have you ever called someone out of the blue and were told that they needed to hear a friendly voice? That was you being the voice of God. Has someone ever held the door open for you when your hands were too full to open it for yourself? That was them being the hands of God.

Christmas is not the "most wonderful time of year" for everyone. The holidays can make people who live alone feel more lonely. They can also make a person with no money for gifts feel like a failure. And for those who have lost loved ones, the holidays always bring feelings of grief. So the holidays are the perfect time for us to avail ourselves to be the heart of God and show love to those around us.

I wrote my first Christmas romance novella; I Need A Christmas Angel. In the story, the heroine is depressed and hopeless after being fired a week before Christmas and wishes for a Christmas Angel to come to work its magic. The people around her, including her childhood crush, avail themselves to help lift her spirits. I hope this holiday season will give you many opportunities to be the angel someone is praying for. And if it's you who needs an angel this holiday season, I do not doubt that God will send one your way.

Happy Holidays,

Dr. Raykel Tolson

You can buy a copy of I Need A Christmas Angel at,, or, and please leave a review.

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