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The Power of Love

Today, we witnessed history when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, a mixed-race divorcee from Los Angeles. Meghan’s mother represented looking graceful and beautiful sporting dreadlocks. Oprah Winfrey was in attendance, a gospel choir sang and a nineteen-year-old African American cellist was featured, but it was Bishop Michael Curry that made me most proud while watching the royal wedding this morning. Bishop used the platform God blessed him with to tell the world about the power of love. I cannot count the times I screamed out Yes and Amen during his sermon. I just hope the world was listening. What this world needs now is love. Our schools will be safer when we start loving more. Racism and sexism would cease to destroy America when we start promoting love of self and others. But probably the most important thing that I hope people got from Bishop Curry’s sermon was that God is love. God is not the judgmental god that requires perfection and brings about shame that is often taught. God bless the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I appreciate that they made the royal wedding an inclusive event and provided a platform for God to get His message of love out to the world.

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