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Write That Book!

I wrote my first book in fifth grade, The Outsider, about the new girl at school. I wrote and illustrated the book, and my mother typed and stapled it together. I presented The Outsider to my Grandma Ada as a Mother's Day gift. I've always known I wanted to write books, but becoming a pharmacist made more sense financially. However, I did manage to write two nonfiction books, two fiction books, and three booklets while I worked as a full-time pharmacist. When inspiration strikes, I have to write.

So, why should you write the book you have been thinking about for years? I have a two-part answer for you. First, you should write your book because it will be beneficial to society. Society benefits from reading fiction and nonfiction books in many ways, but the five most essential benefits are entertainment, education, escape, empathy, and encouragement. Someone may need the book that is locked up in your head right now to help them to escape the loneliness they are currently experiencing. Someone may read your book and become more empathetic to the little brown boy that lives across the street from them because of the book you will write.

Second, you should write that book you have been thinking about because it will be beneficial to you. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or consultant, then your book will give you more credibility. Being the author of a book on a particular subject makes people see you as an expert. Your book can get you into places your business card cannot. Writing that book will also ensure that your thoughts survive after you leave this earth. My son and I talk a lot about leaving a legacy. Writing a book is a perfect way to leave a legacy for generations to come. My great grandchildren's children may never meet me personally, but they will know me from my books.

I would like to invite you to meet me on Sunday, April 19th, on Zoom if you need some tips on getting your book out of your head and onto the computer. Register for the event on our website

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